Our Customers are Coo Coo for Cocos

The texture and richness in the chocolate OVERLY beats your everyday candy bar. Not only are these truffles DELISH, but they are custom-colored to your order, so you can get creative for the holidays and match the truffles to your party decorations or Christmas tree. It's Chocolate, but it's Couture too!
I feel extremely honoured and blessed to have the pleasure of knowing such an exceptional and powerful individual. Lila's chocolates are divine. The packaging of her fine sweets are exquisite! Lila takes much pride in her new adventure. I would highly recommend Lila's Cocos.
Maxine Campbell
Lila's chocolates are a delicious extravagance that bathes the tongue with chocolate at its finest. The moment you bite into one, you will close your eyes and be transported to a whole new realm of culinary decadence where all your senses are enlivened and peaceful at the same time. It is the height of the excitement for your mouth. PS. Lila's extraordinary Customer Service is an expression of her passion for her chocolates and having her clients satisfied. Her product packaging is so special that you will look to see who you can gift her chocolates to, but don't forget to keep some for yourself!
Mimi Thrasher
Your chocolates were such a big hit on the day of our wedding! I have had many people comment on how fantastic and cute they were. The children loved their chocolate lollipops so much they were asking for more the following day! The cute packaging and authentic flavour were exactly what my husband and I had been looking for to give our guests something sweet to take home. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
Dave and Diana Wilson
Dear Lila and Christina, Thank you so much for making the delicious chocolates for our wedding. We enjoyed working with the two of you and appreciated your professionalism and attention to details. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Sharon and William Wong
Riva Supper Lounge continues to partner up with Lila's Cocos to supply our venue with her delicious truffles for many special events. Her exceptional service and attention to detail makes it easy to keep using Lila as our preferred chocolate vendor.
Riva Supper Lounge
I love chocolate, so when my roommate's mom Lila found that out she sent me some of her home made chocolates to try. The chocolates were amazing, I loved them so much I began ordering from Lila's Cocos to give them as gifts to my clients. The package presentations for Christmas 2010 was beautiful and really impressed my clients, they also loved the smooth taste of Lila's Cocos. My favourite is the dark chocolate, try some you won't be disappointed.
Akola Lawrence
Lila's Cocos are the best chocolates ever! I was blown away... Delicious, soft, wonderful taste, unbelievable flavor. They are amazing! They melted in my mouth perfectly. Nice treat. I will definitely recommend!
Safi Kabage
When I put a bite of Lila's Cocos chocolate in my mouth, I want it to last forever; the more it melts the more it's delicious. Try it, it's heavenly.
Ella Sagar
More than chocolate, it's an experience. Incomparable to any other chocolate on the market!
Nora Karakas
Without doubt, the best chocolates I have ever had. It simply makes other chocolates taste ordinary.
Omar Hayani
Thank you Lila for your incredible chocolates! Before the end of the night each one of them was gone! It definitely added a lovely touch to our Sexy Salsa Mamacitas evening on Thursday March 24, 2011. A great touch for any occasion!
Carol Moxam & Vanessa Ferraro (Sexy Salsa Mamacitas)
I have personally tasted Lila's Chocolate more than a few times - and can never get enough of them. From their visual presentation and care Lila places in making these Chocolates delectable to the delivery of them to you - is amazing! What I love the most about Lila's Chocolates is their rich texture and flavor. Letting other know about you and your chocolates is a delight!
ITPL Productions
There is something truly special about Lila's Homemade Chocolates. First and foremost, the taste - Oh la la the taste!! The first time I tried Lila's Chocolates, it was as if I was whisked away into fine culinary land. They're soft and almost have a brownie-like texture, but bursting of immediate melt in your mouth chocolatey goodness. Second, they're made with all natural ingredients. As someone who is health conscious; when indulging, Lila's Chocolates is made with zero artificial preservatives providing comfort that I'm giving nothing but the best ingredients to my friends and family. That is something that is very important to me. Third, visual stimulation, each handmade piece of chocolate is like a work of art all on it's own. They are so carefully crafted, that you will almost want to refrain from eating them because they look too pretty to eat. Rest assured though, you WILL want to eat them!! Lastly, the packaging in which it is presented to you is so thoughtful!! It's like buying a really expensive purse where the packaging is almost as nice as the purse itself!! Thorough - that's how I would describe my experience with Lila's Chocolates. From placing the order, to customer service, to incomparable taste, to presentation. Lila's Chocolates leaves no room for disappointment. I can't wait to get me a new batch!!